Hi! I'm Gabrielle Barboteau, a writer/narrative designer and indie game developer based in Paris.

After working in the french video game press for more than five years, I decided to go into game development and to create my own games. Throughout three years, I released numerous games and interactive fictions, some of which have been featured on several gaming outlets.

I'm interested in telling stories in new, inclusive and engaging ways, as I deeply believe video game is the most powerful medium when it comes to create empathy. A huge part of my work aims to talk about queer life and relationships, wether as the game's main focus, or as a subject like any other.

I'm also convinced that, as an industry, we can do a lot better to make the video game world a better place. That's why I co-founded the RIJV, a non-profit dedicated to promote diversity in the game industry.
I'm also an active workshop leader, teaching kids and women how to make their first video game.

I'm available to work as a narrative designer, writer, and game designer. My set of skills, ranging from formal and creative writing to programming and team communication, makes me think I'll be a great addition to your team.

You can send me an email, or contact me on Twitter or Linkedin.

Have a great day! ✌